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Behavior Analysis with AI: Workplace Performance

In this episode of the podcast, host David Caspillo speaks with behavioral specialist Blake Eastman about the intersection of behavioral analysis and technology in the workplace. Blake gives insight into his experience leading the largest behavioral study of poker players​​ ever conducted– Beyond Tells. Using his knowledge of human behavior, Blake provides 1:1 coaching for executives across industries. By auditing their Zoom meetings, Blake helps professionals lead more powerfully or more effectively.In his newest research project, in which he and his team are conducting a massive study of human behavior in Zoom meetings. Utilizing machine-aided analysis of human behavior, Blake and his team are able to extract measurable data. This technology is intended to eventually predict who (and what behaviors) may be problematic from a social perspective in virtual meetings.In addition to discussing his new project, Blake extends valuable advice on positioning oneself favorably in virtual meetings. He advises  individuals on how to frame their behavior in a way that aligns with their intentions.Furthermore, Blake talks about the importance of effective communication for employees. In the end, the success of an enterprise relies on the people that comprise it. This specifically applies to concepts such as change management, which Blake takes a deep dive into.Throughout the podcast, Blake shares specific examples and relatable stories of professionals that shifted their behavior to become better speakers, leaders, and communicators in general.Overall, this episode offers valuable insights into the world of behavioral analysis, technology, and workplace performance, making it a must-listen for anyone looking to improve their professional relationships and leadership skills.

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